Isle of Man

She dy vea dys yn Olympiad Glaredys Eddyr-ashoonagh 2022!

The International Linguistics Olympiad 2022 will be held in the Isle of Man from 24th to 30th July.

Pre-registration is requested to ensure acceptance in the Olympiad and is now open. Please contact the event organisers to register.

Find out more about the International Linguistics Olympiad on the main Olympiad website.

About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown Dependency located between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Island boasts the longest continuous parliament in the world (Tynwald, est. 997 AD), and has a rich, unique history that includes Neolithic settlements, Celtic living, and Viking invasion.

Manx Language

The national language of the Isle of Man is Manx Gaelic, one of the three modern Goidelic languages that include Irish and Scottish Gaelic. You can hear a bit of traditional spoken Manx in the first video below featuring two native speakers, John Kneen and John Tom Kaighin (recorded 1948). You can also hear a direct comparison of Irish and Manx Gaelic in the second video below.

Traditional Manx Gaelic

Manx Gaelic vs Irish Gaelic

Manx Culture

The Isle of Man shares much of its culture with Ireland and Scotland; however, the Island brings a unique flavour to many of these cultural practices.