We’ve organised accommodation across four venues on the island. A little more information is given for each below.


Located in the south of the island, Castletown is the island’s former capital prior to the change to Douglas in 1869.

Nearby sites of interest include Castle Rushen, a medieval castle with a rich history and Rushen Abbey Gardens, the former site of a Cistercian monastery linked to the island’s Viking heritage.

King William’s College

King William’s College is the island’s only private school and sits right next to Ronaldsway Airport. We have a number of dormitory rooms available for use during the Olympiad.

Sefton Express

The Sefton Express is located directly across the road from Ronaldways Aiport.


Douglas is the capital of the Isle of Man and has a number of venues for eating and entertainment.

Sefton Hotel

The Sefton Hotel is located on Douglas Promenade immediately next to two of the Island’s most prominent entertainment venues, the Gaiety Theatre and Villa Marina.

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is also situated on Douglas Promenade. A cinema, casino, swimming pool, gym, and restaurant are part of the Palace complex.